Teen Therapy in Wheaton, IL

Our main focus is to offer support to teenagers and young people who encounter challenges concerning their mental health and overall welfare.

Personalized Mental Health Solutions and Assistance

Each year, a notable number of adolescents experience the effects of depression and anxiety. Research indicates that approximately 20% of teenagers and young adults have reported encountering at least one significant depressive episode. This statistic has witnessed an increase of nearly 100,000 compared to the previous year. If your teenager is among the millions affected, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed with concerns and inquiries.

20% of adolescents and college-aged kids reported at least one major depressive episode

Rest assured, you are not alone in this journey.

Our specialized center for teen therapy is dedicated to supporting young adults and teenagers who grapple with anxiety and depression. We extend our assistance not only to the individuals themselves but also to their families. Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or college, we are here to address your questions and provide tailored therapy services for teenagers. Furthermore, we offer valuable resources and tools to aid your child in overcoming their mental health challenges. With our team of experienced teen therapists, we empower you to advocate for your child’s well-being, ensuring they can pursue their education and flourish.

Teen Therapy in Wheaton, IL

What Are the Signs to Distinguish Between Typical Teenage Behavior and Depression in Your Teenager?

Recognizing signs of teenage depression can be challenging, especially when hormonal changes impact your teenager’s mood and energy levels. While symptoms of teen depression and anxiety may differ from person to person, there are certain indications that may suggest your child is grappling with mental health difficulties. These signs may include:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Academic performance fluctuations
  • Absenteeism from school
  • Excessive irritability or withdrawal
  • Expressing thoughts of death or suicide
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Regular complaints of headaches and stomachaches
  • Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and profound sadness
  • Engaging in self-harming behaviors
  • Running away

Why Young Adults and Their Families Rely on Our Adolescent Mental Health Services in Wheaton

The majority of therapists and mental health providers tend to prescribe the same treatment plan regardless of the patient’s age, specific circumstances, or previous therapy experiences. However, we take a different approach.

At Dayrise Wellness, our emphasis is on your child as a whole – taking into account their distinct mental, physical, nutritional, and emotional complexities. As a parent of a teenager facing mental health challenges, you require assistance, direction, and the necessary resources to confront teen depression and anxiety alongside your child.

And that’s precisely what we offer.

Our Mission

Dayrise Wellness holds the belief that mental health forms the bedrock of one’s overall well-being. Our dedication lies in assisting children and young adults in attaining their peak mental health and living a purposeful existence. With an aim to become the foremost authority and provider of mental health solutions for teenagers and young adults in the Wheaton area, our mission revolves around establishing a lasting foundation through personalized and compassionate care.

High-Quality Teen Therapists

From the moment you reach out to us to discover the most suitable therapy for your teenager or young adult, you will experience the distinctive approach of Dayrise Wellness. Our unparalleled commitment to accessing top-notch data and support services tailored to your needs and those of your child sets us apart.

Our collective goal, shared by our team of teen therapists specializing in adolescent and college-aged individuals, as well as our care coordinators, is to assist your child in overcoming mental health challenges, maintaining their education, and flourishing. Each person you interact with at Dayrise Wellness has been carefully selected to provide nothing short of excellence in therapy for young adults, treatment for teenage depression, and parental support.

Clinically Centered

Our dedication lies in delivering tailored mental health solutions that prioritize the distinct needs of every individual we serve. Our team of seasoned teen therapists collaborates closely to develop personalized treatment plans rooted in evidence-based behavioral therapies that have undergone rigorous research validation. Adhering to the highest quality standards set by prominent healthcare organizations, we prioritize the well-being of each patient, ensuring their care remains our topmost priority.

Customized Therapy

We acknowledge the distinctiveness of every patient and the significance of a customized treatment approach in their journey toward achieving personal goals. Our clinicians forge strong alliances with each patient, collaboratively developing tailored care plans that directly address the root causes of their mental health issues. Moreover, we facilitate seamless coordination across different resources, including schools, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals, to ensure comprehensive and optimal care is delivered.

Parental Support

Dayrise Wellness acknowledges the vital role parents and guardians hold in their child’s mental health journey. We firmly believe that family therapy is an essential element for achieving long-term recovery and lasting well-being. Our dedicated care team ensures regular monthly progress updates, offers educational resources, and provides support tools specifically tailored to each diagnosis, empowering families to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s needs. Furthermore, we assist families in navigating additional services such as psychiatry, nutrition, and other related areas to ensure comprehensive support.

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About Wheaton, IL

Wheaton is a city in Milton and Winfield Townships and is the county seat of DuPage County, Illinois. It is located approximately 25 miles west of Chicago. As of the 2020 census, Wheaton’s population was 53,970, making it the 27th most populous municipality in Illinois.

The city dates its founding to the period between 1831 and 1837, following the Indian Removal Act, when Erastus Gary laid claim to 790 acres of land near present-day Warrenville. The Wheaton brothers arrived from Connecticut, and in 1837, Warren L. Wheaton laid claim to 640 acres  of land in the center of town. Jesse Wheaton later made claim to 300 acres of land just west of Warren’s. In 1848, they gave the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad three miles of right-of-way, upon which railroad officials named the depot Wheaton. In 1850, ten blocks of land were platted and anyone who was willing to build immediately was granted free land. In 1853, the lots were surveyed and a formal plat for the community was filed with the county. The community was then incorporated as a village on February 24, 1859, with Warren serving as its first President. 

In 1887, Wheaton prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages, a ban which lasted until 1985 and applied to all supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and other establishments.

Wheaton boasts a vibrant downtown with many restaurants, shops and services. The Downtown Wheaton Association hosts many events throughout the year to promote local businesses, including The French Market, The Chili Cookoff, Vintage Rides, Boo-palooza (Downtown Wheaton Trick-or-Treat), A Dickens of a Christmas, Wheaton Wedding Walk and Wheaton’s Wine & Cultural Arts Festival. Downtown Wheaton is also home to perhaps one of the narrowest stores in the Chicago area. The Little Popcorn Store on Front Street was formerly an alley between two buildings, and features the exposed brick walls of its neighbors. The store has been around since the 1920s and sells candy for as little as 2¢ apiece, and fresh popcorn.

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