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Proven Care to Help Overcome Teen and Emerging Adults Mental Health Issues

Your child is one of a kind. That’s why their therapy treatment plan should be too. One of the most important ways you can help your teen or young adult through their mental health struggles is to make sure their treatment plan meets their unique needs.

That’s our promise to you. 

Our “best match” promise means our licensed therapist will establish the best treatment plan to support your child and help them thrive in school, at home, and in life.

Clinically Proven Effective Therapy for Teenagers and Young Adults

We believe in and are committed to providing only the most clinically proven young adult and teen mental health support. Our high-quality team provides compassionate, experienced, top-notch effective treatment to meet our clients where they are.

There’s never any judgment—only supportive, customized, effective mental health solutions and support for both you and your teenager or young adult.

Our experienced mental health experts use:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

CBT is a proven-effective modality of therapy for teens. Based on the idea that there is a definitive connection between your child’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, CBT helps identify dysfunctional patterns.

Throughout your child’s mental health treatment, your child’s therapist will help them learn new ways of thinking about themselves, others, and their environment. In time, using CBT, your child will effectively:

  • Change their negative thought patterns
  • Determine positive stress responses
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Identify and alter their thoughts leading to self-destructive behaviors
  • Increase their self-esteem
  • Reduce phobias and fears

This form of adolescent therapy can help your child overcome teen depression and teen anxiety gently and effectively.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for adolscents (IPT-A)

IPT-A is a form of therapy for teens adapted from interpersonal psychotherapy to treat and help adults with depression. Typically, this form of adolescent therapy occurs within 12-16 individual therapy sessions and works well with teens suffering from varying types of depressive disorders.

Our expert teen mental health professionals can use IPTA-A to help your child:

  • Identify their feelings and interpersonal situations that affect their mood
  • Improve their problem-solving and communication skills
  • Decrease the stress they feel in relationships
  • Increase social functioning skills
  • Lower symptoms of depression

Depending on your child’s individual needs, IPT-A may be used in conjunction with CBT.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This therapy for teenagers is a form of CBT but is mainly used to treat those who deal with depression with self-destructive behaviors and thoughts. What is unique about DBT is that it focuses on acceptance and change and helps patients learn healthier ways to cope and change their unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors.

DBT consists of a slightly more rigorous treatment plan including since it is used to treat higher-risk patients. It may also be used in conjunction with group therapy.

Exposure Therapy 

When you fear something, you tend to avoid it whether its an activity, object, or situation. Overtime, this avoidance tactic can make your fears worse. This is where exposure therapy comes in.

We use exposure therapy as a form of therapy for teens to help them face and overcome their fears. Our expert clinicians create a safe environment to expose them to their fears and teach them coping skills and strategies to put into practice instead of avoiding them.

This proven effective treatment protocol can help teens with:

  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Phobias
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT uses the power of mindfulness to help overcome conditions such as depression, OCD, anxiety, PTSD and many more. It is unique to each individual and does not follow a general treatment plan. ACT allows the individual to explore into the depth of their mind and help train them to take control of their thoughts through practicing skills given by the therapist.

ACT focuses on acting on inner emotions, instead of keeping them inside and building up harmful mental experiences. A lot of the time talking through issues will allow the individual to realize if they should try and accept it or create action steps towards it. This will bring issues to the surface and help one learn how to accept feelings of denial, regret, avoidance and struggle. Through ACT, one can learn to create more meaningful and mindful life decisions.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

This type of therapy for teenagers, college-aged students, and adults centers around motivating them to make positive changes in thoughts and behaviors.

Sometimes, changing behaviors is difficult, but through motivational interviewing, our teen therapy experts will develop an important relationship with your child and help them determine the behaviors they’d like to change and how to take action.

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Why Choose Dayrise Wellness?

Sure, you have plenty of choices when it comes to therapy for young adults and teenagers. But what sets us apart is our holistic, individualized approach to teen mental health issues. We understand the value of meeting your child where they are now. Their circumstances aren’t going to be exactly like their peers’ and their customized mental health treatment plan will reflect that.

Rather than prescribing a typical mental health therapy plan to every single child who walks through our doors, we focus on how to help them achieve their full individualized potential.

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