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Empowering teens and young adults to find their light, fostering resilience and sustained mental well-being using our comprehensive and personalized solutions.

Customized Mental Health Solutions and Support

Each year, a significant number of adolescents experience the impact of depression and anxiety. Studies indicate that approximately 20% of adolescents and college-aged individuals have reported facing at least one major depressive episode. It is worth noting that this number has increased by nearly 100,000 compared to the previous year. If your teenager is among the millions affected, it’s understandable that you may be feeling overwhelmed with concerns and questions.

20% of adolescents and college-aged kids reported at least one major depressive episode

However, you are not alone in this journey.

We are dedicated to assisting young adults and teenagers who struggle with anxiety and depression. Our support extends beyond the individuals themselves to include their families. Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or college, we are here to address your inquiries. Furthermore, we provide you with valuable resources and tools to aid your child in overcoming their mental health challenges. Additionally, our teen therapists empower you to advocate for your child’s well-being, ensuring they can continue their education and flourish.

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How Can You Differentiate Between Genuine Teenage Depression and Typical Adolescent Behavior?

Identifying signs of teen depression can be difficult, particularly when hormonal changes are affecting your teenager’s mood and energy levels. Although the symptoms of teen depression and anxiety can vary among individuals, certain indicators may suggest your child is grappling with their mental well-being, such as:


  • Difficulty with sleep
  • Alterations in academic performance
  • Absences from school
  • Intense irritability or withdrawal
  • Expressing thoughts about death or suicide
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Frequent headaches and stomachaches
  • Overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and profound sadness
  • Engaging in self-harming behaviors
  • Running away from home

Why Our Teen Therapy Services in Lombard, IL, Earn the Trust of Emerging Adults and Their Loved Ones

Unlike many therapists and mental health providers who offer a standardized treatment approach regardless of the patient’s age, circumstances, or previous therapy experiences, we take a different approach.

At Dayrise Wellness, our teen therapists prioritize a comprehensive understanding of your child as a whole, encompassing their distinct mental, physical, nutritional, and emotional intricacies. As a parent of a teenager grappling with mental health challenges, you deserve the assistance, direction, and resources necessary to confront and overcome teen depression and anxiety alongside your child.

That is precisely what we provide. 

Our Team

From your initial contact with us, you will immediately notice the distinct Dayrise Wellness approach in finding the most suitable therapy for your teenager or young adult. Our unparalleled commitment to sourcing the finest data and support services, tailored to your specific needs and those of your child, sets us apart.

The unified goal of our expert team, comprising therapists with over 40 cumulative years of experience treating teens and college-aged individuals, as well as our dedicated care coordinators, is to assist your child in conquering their mental health challenges, excelling in their academic pursuits, and flourishing overall. Each member of the Dayrise Wellness team has been carefully chosen to ensure that only the highest quality therapy for young adults, effective teen depression treatment, and exceptional parental support are provided.

Clinically Oriented

Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering clinically oriented mental health solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our team of expert teen therapists collaborates closely to craft evidence-based treatment plans prioritizing behavioral therapies supported by extensive research. By adhering to the rigorous standards set by prominent healthcare commissions, we ensure that every patient receives the highest quality care, assuring them that their well-being is our top priority.

Customized Therapy

Recognizing each patient’s distinctiveness and specific objectives, we acknowledge the necessity of personalized treatment plans to facilitate their progress. Our clinicians collaborate closely with each individual, ensuring the development of a tailored care plan that targets the root causes of their mental health challenges. Moreover, we actively coordinate and integrate our plans with other valuable resources, such as schools, psychiatrists, and healthcare providers, to offer comprehensive and optimal care to our patients.

Parent Support

Dayrise Wellness in Lombard, IL, acknowledges the vital role parents and guardians play in their child’s mental health journey. We firmly believe that family therapy is an integral part of achieving lasting recovery and continued well-being. Our dedicated care team ensures regular monthly updates on progress, furnishes educational materials and offers support tools specifically tailored to the individual diagnosis, enabling families to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s needs. Additionally, we provide guidance and assistance to families in navigating additional services such as psychiatry, nutrition, and other supplementary resources.

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About Lombard, IL

Lombard, IL, a vibrant suburb of Chicago, has a rich history that dates back to the 1830s. The area was initially settled by Europeans of English and German descent, who were attracted to the fertile land and the opportunity for agricultural pursuits. Lombard was officially incorporated as a village in 1869 and experienced significant growth in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, Lombard showcases a blend of historic charm and modern developments, making it an attractive place to live and visit.

The village is known for its friendly and welcoming residents who take pride in their community. Lombard’s population consists of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, contributing to the area’s cultural vibrancy. The village’s convenient location near major highways and public transportation makes it an appealing choice for commuters working in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Lombard boasts several interesting facts that contribute to its unique character. One notable feature is the annual Lilac Time Festival.”Lilac Time in Lombard” is a 16-day festival ending mid-May. It starts with the Lilac Queen’s coronation and her court. Many lilac-themed events take place, including a formal ball, concerts, wine and beer tasting in the park, a Mothers’ Day Brunch, an arts and crafts fair, and tours of the park. The grand finale is Lombard’s Lilac Festival Parade.

Lombard is also home to the renowned Lombard Historical Society, preserving the area’s rich heritage through its museum and educational programs. Additionally, the village’s vibrant downtown area, known as Lilacia Park, offers a picturesque setting with beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and a range of shops and restaurants, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors.

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