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Information, Support, and Guidance to Help Understand Your Child’s Mental Health

You don’t need just another mental health practice. You need a group of caring young adult and teen mental health professionals who partner with you on your child’s journey to wellness. 

And that’s what you get from our team of experts. 

Our teen and young adult mental health support doesn’t stop at your child. It wraps around you and your child’s entire support network. We provide  the informational tools you need to help your teen and college-aged child achieve their best mental health outcome.

Find helpful information about your child’s mental health condition, treatment options, and supportive teen mental health resources on our mental health blog.

Stay informed. Feel supported. And know you’re not alone. 

ADHD- What is it?

ADHD Awareness - What is it and How to Get Help 9It's October, which means it's ADHD Awareness Month. But what is ADHD? And how can parents get help for their children? Let's take a look. What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It's a...

Bullying Awareness: Help Your Child

Bullying Awareness: How to Help Your Child with Bullying Bullying has become a real problem for teens and young adults, particularly in a society where social media and technology now play such a large role in their lives. Unrealistic standards of beauty,...


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